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What Do We Do Now? What Do We Do Now?

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This was a very great game. That's kind of weird, people are praising AAA games like Call of Duty and Far Cry 4, and I'm sitting here praising a game made in 2 days. But, it deserves it. For a game made in 48 hours, this is honestly a very great game. It is a cool concept and I hope you make another game like this. If you do, I have a few suggestions. Note: These are my opinions, and in no way do I with to offend you or your game.
1.) The text is a little, for lack of a better word, jumpy. I like the font, but if the text could be still that would be better, in my opinion. It's kind of a small thing, but I don't know.
2.) I know there are only 3 puzzles (4 if you count the Start Button thing), but maybe if you started off easy. I might just be stupid, but it took me a few moments to solve the first one (Again, not the Start one). Maybe if it was a gradual progression of complexity.
3.) Finally, of all the things I think would possibly make this game any better, along with the much suggested, "Make it longer", is make it have an end goal. If there is something that you are trying to get/get back, maybe it might add meaning to the game other than solve puzzles.
Thank you for making this very cool game, and I really hope you make another.

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seanjames responds:

Wow. I really appreciate your thoughts on this. One of the wonderful things about the rise of "self publishing", "indie games" or whatever you want to call it is that it's made room for games like this. And we live in a world where both COD and other AAA can exist along side of games like this one and others like it. Success of one certainly not detract from the other. I love a good AAA game from time to time and other times I'm more in the mood for something this speed.

1) This is a very valid point. I was going for a specific jump look (it's actually referred to as "line boil" but I could definitely see it being distracting to some. Built for another (e.g. non-Flash) platform I would likely abandon the line boil look (at least for text) for technical reasons. Or if I decided I really wanted it in there, I would consider adding an option to turn it off. Just as a fun side note... that's my handwriting, not a font :)

2) I think you make an excellent point. I had actually expected that first puzzle to be the easiest one and it ended up being the hardest... it's this kind of feedback that is incredibly valuable and also feedback I would shoot for during the development process. In the case of a game jam, of course you just sorta slap it together and put it out there, hoping for the best. But you're right, the difficulty ramp is a very important (and tricky) part of the process and one that I will definitely need to work hard at getting right.

3) This is a point I hadn't thought about yet, though i've heard it from a few people. And I really like the idea of an underlying story arc that give purpose to the chain of puzzles/rooms. In the 48 hour time frame you don't really have time to think big picture like that, but the wonderful thing about quick games like this is access to feedback like this. I get to spend a little bit of time making just enough game to engage someone like you in conversation about it and get back wonderful insights like yours.

I want to close by first thanking you for taking the time to play my game. But more than that I appreciate the time, thought and effort put into giving feedback. I appreciate your taking care not to offend and with the internet being the occasional (often?) nasty place it can be, I definitely understand your treading lightly. But to that point, please don't ever underestimate the value of well thought out and respectfully offered criticism. Your points are well formed, insightful and much appreciated. So again, thank you for taking the time. I always love hearing from people like you. You might have a knack for game development and hope you get into it some day if it's something that interests you.

I will likely make another game like this one, but when that will be and for what platform(s) is still very much undecided. Anyhow, thanks again! -Sean